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Whitney Thompson  PTA LMT

Whitney has 12 years of experience in Physical Therapy in many settings.  It became obvious that manual therapies were not only a very difficult skill to obtain but highly effective with mostly all conditions.  Massage is just one modality to recovery as well as proper self care. 

Whitney's sessions are concentrated in the areas that need correction however her approach is systemic, assessing all adjacent muscle groups or even the whole body if that's what you're looking for.  Her sessions are clinical but you would never think it.  She uses deep, slow and long strokes as well as specific techniques that get into all the nooks and tiny muscles you never knew where there!  She focuses on unique stretching strategies including myofascial release, active release and traction.  


Morgan Dean  LMT

Morgan attended THREE massage programs looking for the best resources in a therapeutic style massage.  If that's not dedication I'm not sure what is!  After realizing engineering wasn't for her she couldn't help but notice the positive impact massage has on the human body.


Morgan thrives with myofascial and peripheral neuromuscular facilitation which are difficult applications.  If you've never received these modalities, it includes gentle active or passive stretches which may involve you to move a joint upon her request.  Morgan's sessions target the source of the issue giving extra time to turn those tight muscles off.  Her up beat personality will leave you with a smile to go with those relaxed happy muscles!


Renee Sirulnik   PTA, LMT

Renee began her career in bodywork as a Physical Therapist Assistant with a passion for anatomy, physical rehabilitation, and hands-on manual therapy.  Renee has completed many different bodywork certifications including: kinesiology taping for myofascial movement, myofascial cupping, visceral manipulation and abdominal massage, Ayurvedic head/scalp massage, self-myofascial release, and basic lymphatic drainage techniques. 

Renee offers sessions that are unique to each client combining her knowledge of posture and muscular imbalances with breathwork, energy points and meridians, and modalities such as cupping and kinesiology taping.  While grounded in solid clinical skills and medical knowledge, Renee also relies on an intuitive approach to full body wellness.


Sarah Luqman RMP

Sarah is one of those therapist who will make you leave thinking "wow, I needed that!"

Besides for her bright and uplifting personality, Sarah finds all the areas that are thirsty for attention.  Her balance between deep pressure and relaxation is *insert chefs kiss*. She has a wonderful reputation as a massage therapist already with 3 years experience!

Sara's style focuses on areas of tension, bringing your awareness to those areas while simultaneously calming down the neighboring muscles groups by applying long, medium to firm strokes that will definetly bring you back to Sarah's table!

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