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Whitney Thompson  PTA LMT

Whitney has 12 years of experience in Physical Therapy in many settings.  It became obvious that manual therapies were not only a very difficult skill to obtain but highly effective with most conditions.  Massage is just one modality to recovery as well as proper self care. 

Whitney's sessions are concentrated in the areas that need correction however her approach is systemic, assessing all adjacent muscle groups or even the whole body if that's what you're looking for.  She's great at deep tissue! Her sessions are clinical but you would never think it.  She uses deep, slow and long strokes as well as specific techniques that get into all the nooks and tiny muscles you never knew where there!  She focuses on unique stretching strategies including myofascial release, active release and traction.  


Morgan Dean  LMT

Morgan attended THREE massage programs looking for the best resources in a therapeutic style massage.  If that's not dedication I'm not sure what is!  After realizing engineering wasn't for her she couldn't help but notice the positive impact massage has on the human body.


Morgan thrives with myofascial and neuromuscular facilitation which are difficult applications.  She's great at deep tissue! If you've never received these modalities, it includes gentle active or passive stretches which may involve you to move a joint upon her request.  Morgan's sessions target the source of the issue giving extra time to turn those tight muscles off.  Her up beat personality will leave you with a smile to go with those relaxed happy muscles!


Hetta Welch RMP

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Hetta was a yoga teacher. She believes strongly in the power of body centered practices and their ability to heal and create lasting change in the body, mind and spirit. Hetta studied massage therapy at the Berkana Institute while living in Colorado. She has since become certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, using the Vodder Technique, and is currently studying CranioSacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute. Hetta works with her clients to design a treatment plan that fits each individual’s needs and wellness goals. She offers Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Massage and CranioSacral Therapy sessions.


Shelby Lessig LMT

Shelby has been practicing massage for eight years. Over those years she has created a massage style that is unique to each individual’s needs, believing that what works in one person’s healing process might not be the right fit for the next. She aims to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process by targeting specific areas of dysfunction while also keeping in mind the benefits of full mind and body stress relief through relaxation methods.
She believes in the importance and power of regular massage therapy work as part of an individual’s ongoing health and wellness plan. Outside of the massage room she believes the best thing someone can do for themselves is engage in joyful movement as much as possible.

She utilizes a variety of techniques including myofascial, pin & stretch, and trigger point among others. Offers therapeutic and deep tissue, prenatal, and general lymphatic drainage massage.

Emma Fairbank RMP

Emma is a graduate of The Baltimore School of Massage and a State Registered Massage Practitioner. I have been practicing since 2013. I don’t believe I have one specific massage style, rather just simple intuition letting me know where to work. A balance between relaxation and relief. I believe in giving a massage that I, myself, would love to receive.

Although Emma can give any pressure, she gives a GREAT deep massage reaching all the levels of soft tissue for true therapeutic results.

Megan Bishop RMP

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