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 What To Expect 


Besides focusing on achieving a clear and uncluttered mental space, our session may target muscle dysfunction through advanced techniques including:

  • Passive stretching to promote elongation of tissues and opening of restricted joint cavities.

  • Active stretching is where you perform or assist the stretch while we assist to achieve proper muscle isolation as well as perform pin-and-stretch techniques. 

  • All pressures can be applied inlcuding deep tissue techniques to penetrate all layers of soft tissue. 

  • We can utilize cupping to enhance the bodies natural ability to heal damaged tissue by increasing blood flow. 

  • In some cases we may include scraping using a steel tool to repair target areas.

Clothes are removed for all services, however the entire body is draped and the targeted body segment is exposed only.  

All techniques are included in the price of a session at no additional charge! Cool huh?


How to Get Here, Park and Enter the Space

  • My space is located at 25 East Patrick right across the street from JoJo's and Vintage MC.  One block east of Market street.

  • Parking is available at meters along patrick street however the Church Street Garage or Carroll Creek Garage is likely the easiest option. ($1 an hour)

  • I'm on the first floor.  If you happen to show up early, have a seat and we'll be right with you!


And the experience Begins!



Massage speeds recovery of damaged tissue by increasing blood flow and retraining the central nervous system


Massage adds years to our life by keeping us mobile promoting a healthy skeletal  and cardiovascular system


Keeping muscles lengthened and joints free but stable is a recipe for optimal form and function


Mind and body connection is the foundation of massage, the more mental noise the more aches and pains

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