Whitney Thompson PTA, LMT

I started my career in Physical Therapy very early since I always found the body overly interesting.  Although I struggled with algebra I had all the bones memorized by 7th grade.  Helping people feeds my soul which makes me feel highly fortunate to have the opportunity to fix aches and pains and teach people how to stay healthy.

I have 10 years of experience in Physical Therapy in many settings.  It became obvious that manual therapies were not only a very difficult skill to obtain but highly effective with mostly all conditions that walked through our doors.  Most people ask why I changed fields.  Short answer would be, massage is just one modality to recovery as well as proper self care and I wanted to perfect the field to give people another chance to obtain a better body than they had yesterday. Massage therapy treats symptoms from a condition through improving flexibility, reducing problematic adhesions, promoting crucial blood flow for healing, muscle correction, elongation of restricted tissues and experiencing proper muscle function as the body repairs and attains the progress made over time. 

On the less clinical and western side of my practice I've learned the importance of our mental well being just as much as our physical.  Although wellness cannot fix our life problems however it gives us a better chance at navigating our days with a healthy and positive being.  

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